Solving energetic problems

Energetic reconstructions (ESCO)

The modernization of heating
The modernization of lighting
The exchange of doors and windows
The reduction of light flux

All of the reconstructional works have the following beneficial characteristics:

  • a technical accomplishment based on the demands of the customer, constructed by technicians
  • the adaptation of modern, energy-saving equipments
  • quick, professional construction with documented transfer which adjusts to the operating of the institution
  • the decrease of the maintenance and operational costs
  • the project can be 100 % prefinanced by the  e.missio Ltd.
  • the duration is chosen by the customer (from 1 to 12 years) in such a way that the paying off requires the possible least own source or it also can be paid off from the savings
  • financial terms which are more prosperous than the leasing constructions of the financial market


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